Your story deserves to be heard on every platform.

Everyone wants their business Instagram and Facebook notifications to go off constantly, but how do you get people to engage with you? What’s the best way to reach your ideal customer?

With MASK,

  • You’re not getting the cookie-cutter approach that everyone else uses.
  • We help you create organic relationships with your audience.
  • Our goal is to help you find the right tone and approach to connect with your ideal customer.
  • The team will help you brainstorm unique content ideas with you that are specific to your industry and audience.

Whether you are looking for someone to take your social media off of your hands entirely or to provide consulting advice to your in-house marketing team, we’d be happy to have a chat! 

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You need to be engaging with your ideal customers, not every customer.

A good social media marketing strategy isn’t entirely about the number of followers you have. Is your content captivating? Is it valuable? Are you engaging on the right platforms?

Before working on your content and engagement, you need to find out who your ideal customers are. Talk to one of our digital strategists to set up an appointment to discover your ideal customer today!

Let’s be real, you’re busy running a business.

You’re not going to have time to design posts and content every month

We take care of it all, to provide a better experience for your ideal customers.


  • Create a monthly social media calendar, with the content provided well in advance for approval or feedback
  • Work with your marketing team to create a response plan that handles how all customer/fan feedback is handled
  • Set up and enable sales funnels to further engage your customers via your email marketing program
  • Suggest improvements that could be made to the current social media campaign


  • Post approved content to your selected social media channels based on your selected schedule
  • Handle all general social media messages and comment responses for you


  • List your business on Google My Business to elevate your customer reach
  • Assist your team with any PR campaigns that you may run (e.g. gifting influencers with early releases of your newest product launch, takeovers, competitions and giveaways)
  • Engage with your fans, customers, influencers and similar brands to promote the reach of your campaign.
  • Network within relevant Facebook groups to promote your business
  • Take care of your Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Network with like-minded businesses and people on LinkedIn to promote your business
  • Conduct monthly reviews with you to update you on the progress made, along with statistics to provide visual feedback to see what works and what doesn’t.

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