MASK Solutions’ 2022 Resolutions

Author: MASK Digital Solutions
January 26, 2022

New Years Resolutions don’t always get fulfilled, but we’re going to go the extra mile to stay accountable this year. We’re letting our audience know what our three main goals for this year, in the hopes it will make us work even harder to achieve them!

Resolution 1: Take Risks

Now that our business is going to be 4 years old, and we have a bit more experience we’re looking forward to taking more risks with our business plan. We still want to grow authentically so we aren’t interested in paid promotion for our business. We want our work to speak for itself. One way to do this is through collaborations with other small businesses. If you’re interested in a collab, please reach out to us! 

We also want to start working on more projects for clients from different industries to grow our portfolio. This will be a great way for us to work with some cool new tools and technologies to expand our knowledge. 

Resolution 2: Ask for Help

Running a small business can be really tough on your physical and mental health. MASK Solutions is run by a duo but we still find it tough to juggle our tasks and responsibilities sometimes. This is why we want to reach out to other small business owners this year. There’s so much you can learn from your peers, experienced or not. You’ll gain a new perspective on problems that you find difficult to solve. This added perspective could lead to new leads and opportunities for your business.

Some ways to ask for help that we’re particularly interested in are getting feedback from our clients and business consulting. If we take the business consulting route, we’ll be sure to document the journey and talk about what we learned from the experience!

Resolution 2: Focus on our clients

This one is pretty straightforward. We want to communicate with our clients more and hear what they have to say! This means more one-on-one calls, group texts, emails and (hopefully) in-person meetings for our Melbourne based clients (whatever works for you). We really want to create more meaningful and lasting relationships with our clients. Therefore we’ll be working extra hard to make sure you don’t ever have a bad experience with us!

What are your business’s resolutions this year? Reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook and let us know. It might help you stay accountable and give you the push needed to follow through with them this year! 

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