We created an enterprise application that was fast and created a seamless experience for the team. They were able to use the car rental system with much more ease now. ERAC is also able to store more details about their cars and clients! 

The application we created allows it to scale up as the business grew. After the project was over, we did our first ever on-site training, where we visited the office and set everything up for them and trained the team to use the new system efficiently.

We recently added a new feature to help them track their client’s payments and we also have them on a maintenance plan to make sure the system is working efficiently with no bugs!

The new system upped their productivity as well. It now takes just 5 seconds to load a reservation and the system notifies the team if there is a car that isn’t roadworthy so that it can be sent in for maintenance. This makes it much easier for Epic Rent A Car to provide their clients with the safest automobiles.

Mask Solution's
Gathering Requirements and creating a strategy
Because this was the first enterprise system we’d done, we wanted to make sure the new system met all of the requirements and more. A couple of requirement gathering workshops later, we’d got all the information we needed, so we created a strategy, complete with a timeline for the entire project and all the tasks, ranging from the development to the QA checks.
Design, Development and QA
Our designer created a wireframe that was much more user friendly compared to their old system. We were really able to get creative with this project which made the process that much more fun. The team would be able to handle their clients and cars much more efficiently now! We developed the system so that it could be easily scaled up as the company grew and the integrations worked smoother with the system than it did before. After multiple rounds of QA and usability testing, it was finally ready for the handoff.
Training and maintenance
We went to their office and set up the whole system ourselves and trained the team on how to efficiently use the system. The training took 4 visits spread out over a period of 6 months with consecutive upgrades to improve UX and cut down data entry time. Afterwards, we put them up in a maintenance plan for any bug fixes, routine updates and server maintenance.

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