WordPress vs. Custom Websites

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Author: MASK Digital Solutions
January 12, 2021

Are you thinking of taking your business online?

A well-designed website that is fast and functional can help you find new leads and prospects, achieve more sales, and strengthen your brand awareness.

But launching a new website can be a daunting process, especially for a small business. And while you may be out there worrying about all the things that make up a good website (copy, design, where to find a reliable digital agency or freelancer to develop it, planning a launch, etc.), we’re here to tell you that there is one key thing you need to be certain of – the best-fit website software for YOU. 

Properly identifying what software approach you are going to take can make the whole process a lot easier.

Should I develop my website using WordPress or a Custom Software?

The two most popular options nowadays are either WordPress or a Custom-built Website. The decision amongst the two should be made after considering the:

There are advantages to both of them that will help amplify your business and take it to the next level. Let’s take a look at each one.

 What is WordPress?

It is a simple website creation tool that is very cost-effective as it is completely free and easily accessible to non-technical users. In addition to the simplified development process, WordPress also allows users to integrate different types of content into their sites, such as:

It’s the easiest way to take your business online. You can get your website up in a matter of days if you know what you’re doing. Don’t worry if you aren’t tech savvy, because there are so many amazing, free resources out there that can teach you how to set up, customize and launch your own WordPress website.

WordPress is user-friendly

Users can easily modify the design and content of the site, allowing you to upload your own media and change copy at any time, as and when your business needs it. For those of you who are more tech savvy, you can even change up your website’s functionality without too much difficulty. WordPress ensures that there is a secure environment for the user at all times, with regular security updates. A few great examples of famous sites that used WordPress are The Obama Foundation, The New Yorker, The Walt Disney Company and Facebook Newsroom.

WordPress is SEO-friendly

WordPress also takes care of the search engine ranking for your site, with the many plugins that they provide for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can use these plugins to make additions to the site, as well as figure out how well your site is optimized for SEO. This allows you to focus on the other aspects of your business.

WordPress also has responsive themes that can help make your site effective on mobile devices, tablets and PC’s, making for a positive browsing experience for users on any device.

If you are not tech-savvy, you might find it difficult to customize the themes for the site and install the regular updates WordPress releases to combat hackers and pirates, which means you’ll probably have to hire a professional web developer for these tasks.

What about a Custom Website?

On the other hand, a custom website will be handled by an expert from the get-go and will have more support, as it was built by a professional that specializes in all types of sites, so all bugs and issues will be taken care of by the original developer.

  • Custom websites allow you to incorporate more of the company’s branding into the site, making your site appear unique and more polished than a template-based site.
  • Customized Integrations (like the Signal 23 Interactive booking form) are much easier to develop and customize to your liking.
  • A custom site will be able to grow with your business, as modifications to the site can be made with the help of a web developer.

There are a few downsides to using custom websites, one being that any changes will depend on the availability of the developer and will take time. It is also much more expensive than making a WordPress site, as it is customized to your business needs.

Custom WordPress – the Unholy Union that works!

There is a way to get the best of both worlds though, allowing you to have custom HTML and CSS, but still host your site on the WordPress backend; an “unholy union” as some may say. By downloading the basic WordPress template and removing all their HTML, adding your own HTML and CSS and reuploading the files onto the WordPress folder, you are able to create your own truly customized WordPress site with all the features required.

…which is exactly what we’ve done with the MASK Blueprint.

The Ultimate Website Blueprint

The MASK Blueprint is the ultimate website blueprint for your business. With all the tough development work already done for you, all you have to do is customize the design to your liking! This means we can offer you a fast, flexible and functional website for a super affordable price point, without skimping on the quality. (You also get  20 free developer hours if you need any extra help!)

How do I decide which website software is best for me?

While all these approaches have their pros and cons, the decision made should be based on the budget and needs of your business, to ensure that your website will help fast track the growth of your business specifically. 

If you need more help on choosing the best option for your business, why not schedule a free call with one of our strategists? You can also email us at support@mask-it.com.au or call us at +61 433 906 759.

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