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Author: MASK Digital Solutions
March 24, 2021

Building a brand is a little like building a bear, you have to create a personal connection with your bear, aka your brand and the end result is bound to be something that you love! 

Everything you do is a part of your brand, you’re literally marketing yourself to the world. So creating a persona on social media that suits you is important because you’ll be reaching so many more people than you would in real life.

Before you think about creating your personal brand, think about what sets you apart from everyone else. Your strengths, weaknesses, passions, what kind of a character you are, what your style is, write it all down. 

Now we need to figure out why you want to build a brand, it might seem straightforward right now, but figuring out the actual reason can help you create a good base.

Why are you trying to build a brand?

Are you trying to get a job?

Usually, the companies you apply to, check out your social media profiles. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, the usual. They want to find out as much as they can about the real you, to make sure they’re hiring reliable talent for the company. 

It’s advised that you should have a consistent profile across all social media platforms, this means one professional profile picture, one version of your name, and a common bio based on each social network.

Now let’s be real, Facebook and LinkedIn are kind of the serious mum and dad of the social network family, so we’d say you should keep these two platforms consistent (same profile picture, name and bio) and maybe do a quick check on your tagged photos on Facebook and hide the super embarrassing ones. Try to keep these accounts as professional as possible.

Instagram and Twitter are where you can show off your fun-side, you don’t need to use the same profile picture as the other platforms, but maybe get rid of any party pictures or controversial tweets. 

Also, make sure to delete old accounts that you don’t use anymore, we don’t want your potential employers stumbling over your Wattpad account from when you were 12 now do we?

You want to market your business

You’re a small business owner and you want to use your platform to bring in more customers to your small business. The approach you’re going to take to branding yourself is different to that if you were looking for a job. You’re going to want to create a brand that is trustworthy and comes off as an expert in your industry to help you create recognition for your business.

Here are a few quick tips to help you build that reputation.

Now that you’ve figured out why you want to create a brand, here are some tips on how to beat the algorithm!

Establish your brand voice

Your social media captions and copy are a very important part of branding your social media posts. Company social media accounts should have a personality that relates to your audience. You can be as passionate, quirky, fun or informative as you want to be! 

You can use your brand voice and tone to create a brand persona, this includes personality traits and catchphrases and vocabulary that your brand has to stick to online. If you’re an Australian company, then you have to stick to using Australian English, which might be something that you overlooked before. If you’ve got a larger team managing your social media accounts, then an online guide to reference can help your team stay organized.

Create multiple accounts for different areas of focus

We’ve done this with our MASK Blueprint and our primary MASK Solutions account and it works well if you’ve got a diverse set of products and/or services. This helps you hyper-focus your branding based on the specific audiences you’re targeting and curate content that’s relevant.

Import Your Contacts

You’d be surprised at how many people you already know are on social media, so import them from your personal or company email lists and invite them to check out/like your page if they haven’t already. This can help you build your audience.

Join Social Media Groups

Having to talk to strangers online could be your nightmare, but trust us, it’ll be worth it in the end! 

They can help you:

There are a ton of Facebook groups out there for literally every imaginable thing under the sun, so no matter what your business sells, you’re bound to find a Facebook group for it! If you can’t find one, then be the first and create your own group.

Study Influencers

Influencers are all the rage nowadays, and they can promote everything. You can learn a lot from them by studying their profile and the way they brand themselves. Do your research and find an influencer that has an online persona that is similar or identical to the one you want to have online.


Curating a personal brand can be tough. The algorithm doesn’t make it easy for creators either. You don’t have to worry about what you look like, where you live or what kind of job you have, it’s more about what kind of a person you are and what you stand for. Try to always be honest and consistent with your content and make sure you’re providing useful information to your audience!

Perform little experiments and make a note of what works and what doesn’t work for your brand and adjust as necessary.
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